The Wall of Ideas





If your business is in need of clarity around its approach to marketing a Xennial marketing workshop is the answer.

My Marketing Workshops are expertly facilitated using proven tools and methodologies that address all the big marketing questions. Together, we’ll uncover valuable insights that get turned into action points to confidently drive your marketing.

The marketing workshop can be tailored to your needs and typically covers:

  • What marketing strategy to pursue

  • Your brand positioning in the market

  • Your marketing data

  • Your target audiences/customer profiles

  • Priority marketing activities to action next

Using all of the information and discoveries from the Marketing Workshop, we will then develop a Navigational Map for your business that summarises your overall marketing strategy and what needs to happen.

Bringing a Senior Marketing Advisor into your company for a short period of time to help set the marketing platform makes good sense. For most New Zealand businesses, having a Marketing Manager on staff just isn’t viable.

I often work with companies that have at least one person internally who looks after the marketing, and they are hugely appreciative of the expert guidance, direction setting, and support provided by an experienced consultant.