Digital technology is the key to keeping your business moving

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

As we approach our fourth week of Lockdown in New Zealand, the need for businesses to continue to innovate and utilise modern digital technologies in their day-to-day operations is more important now than ever before. For many companies, technology adoption will not just be about gaining a competitive advantage but ensuring survival of the business itself.

Here are a few areas of business that can be greatly enhanced by digital technologies to keep your company moving during these disruptive times:

Remote working strategy

Video conferencing

If you haven’t already done so, start using a cloud-based video conferencing platform to communicate with your staff, suppliers and customers. Residential internet speeds are a lot faster these days with the installation of fibre, meaning the stability of video calling is vastly improved compared to where it was a few years ago. While you may be a bit camera shy at first, you’d be surprised at how quickly it becomes comfortable and you’ll value being able to share your screen with others. Some popular platforms are,, and

Messaging platforms with extra functionality

While we’re all familiar with email, there are alternative messaging platforms available that offer additional features and benefits such as collaboration tools and workflow management. Take a look at if you’re interested in boosting team communication or if you're after a project management tool that boosts teamwork and helps you to track progress.

Stakeholder communications

It’s extremely important for businesses to let stakeholders know what’s happening and acknowledge the impact of COVID-19 on their operations. If you don't already use one, select an email marketing platform to create a professional-looking email template incorporating your branding. These platforms allow you to segment your recipient lists so you can easily send separate communications to customers, suppliers and partners etc. Check out or

Embracing e-commerce

Trade your goods or services online

If you have a product or service that can be traded online, now is the time to develop that channel as fast as you can. Internet usage will be at record levels during the COVID-19 pandemic as people become accustomed to purchasing online, potentially changing buying behaviour patterns long after this is all over. While a new online offering from your business may not match the revenue you would have generated by trading through your regular channels, it can provide much needed cashflow, provides you with an additional path to market and all importantly keeps you connected with customers during this time.

Enhance your existing E-commerce offering

If your business already trades online, look for how to create a step-change to your offering. For example, upgrading your e-commerce platform to enable subscription-based ordering can increase the frequency of purchase and annual value of each customer. To improve your customer’s experience you could look at E-commerce automations such as fulfilment notifications, inventory levels and customer loyalty discounts. Or how about adding a live chat feature for instant customer service? Depending on your existing platform, these features may require development add-ons or it could be an opportunity for an entirely new E-commerce system altogether.

Much of what lies ahead is uncertain and many business owners and managers will be anxiously wondering how their companies will fare through this. Use this time to evolve your business through the adoption of digital technologies to stay connected with your staff, engaged with your customers and efficient in your delivery.

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