How to make the most of Facebook Ad targeting

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

As it stands today, Facebook Ads are the second most used form of online advertising after Google Adwords. Although not every ad is guaranteed to succeed (same goes for any media platform and we may write a seperate article on why some ads on Facebook work whilst others don't), the keys to Facebook Ad's growth has been its user friendly advertising interface and its ability to define target audiences.  

Facebook’s ad targeting options are unparalleled. On Facebook, you can target users by:

LocationAgeGenderInterestsConnectionsRelationship StatusLanguagesEducationWorkplaces

Each option can be useful, depending on your audience, although we recommend focusing on location, age, gender, and interests.

Location allows you to target users in the country, city, or even down to the postcode that you service. That's more granular than many people realise!

Age and gender targeting should be based on your existing customers. If the bulk of your customers are males 25-44, start out only targeting them. If they prove to be profitable, you can then expand your targeting.

Interest targeting is the most powerful but misunderstood feature of Facebook ads. When creating an ad, you have two options: broad categories or precise interests.

Example of Precise Targeting Feature on Facebook Ads for a new DJ course. Note the interests are broader than just 'disc jockey' and include industry related publications and magazines.

Precise Interest Targeting

Precise Interest Targeting allows you to target Facebook users based on information in their profile including “listed likes and interests, the Pages they like, apps they use, and other profile (timeline) content they’ve provided” (Facebook). Your advertising's ROI tends to be better using

Precise Interest targeting, simply due to the fact that your ads will be more relevant to the people that see them. 

Facebook has an amazing array of interests to target and care needs to be taken to select the right ones. When targeting precise interests, Facebook provides the size of the audience and other suggested likes and interests. Many marketers target the largest groups possible although this is a mistake as these groups are more expensive and less targeted.

The more specific you can get with interests whilst maintaining a big enough audience level, the more chance the ad will resonate and be effective. So what we're talking about here is thinking about what magazines and blogs your customers read, who they follow on Twitter, and which related products they buy.

In summary, if you're going to use Facebook Ads within your marketing mix, by using laser-focused interests like these you’ll reach the people who are most interested in your topic and the most willing to spend money on it.

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