Understanding your marketing performance

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

5 tips to get started...

Gaining clarity on the performance of your marketing activities is invaluable, to identify what 'is' and 'isn't' working. 

Sounds basic, but often this is one of the hardest things to achieve for some businesses. With so many tools out there promising to be able to do this - where do you start?

Here are five tips to get started: 

1. Identify your target audience - Here's a hint - this shouldn't be everyone! The more specific you are, the more effective your marketing efforts are likely to be.

2. Where can you reach your ideal audience? - Where are they? Identifying this, can lead to some broad thinking, but ideally you want to ensure that your not spending money on advertising efforts that won’t reach your ideal customer. 

3. Complete an audit on your existing marketing activity - What are you doing, Where and how much are you spending? Become familiar and get to know the numbers.

4. Establish goals for each channel that you can measure and monitor - What is the expected growth and ROI need to be for this to be successful? Ideally you want to get as close to an estimate on cost per lead so you can identify how many leads you need to make the investment worthwhile. Remember, leads aren’t necessarily converted sales, but most likely people into your funnel pipeline. 

5. Measure and Review - This is one of the most important parts of the process. Some businesses get busy and end up with a ’set and forget’ approach, yet without consistently reviewing the numbers and checking performance (often to that granular level) you won’t gain a full visibility and real understanding.

About Xennial Marketing

Xennial is a marketing consultancy firm located in Auckland, with over 30 years combined experience in marketing across various industries.

Xennial is ideally suited to businesses who are either:

  • Looking to grow sales through sound planning and effective tactical marketing

  • Wanting to clarify their brand positioning

  • Needing creative services to refresh their branding and marketing materials

  • Looking for senior marketing advice and strategy direction

  • Wanting an ongoing marketing partner to support the businessNeeding help with a marketing-related project

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