What type of video works best?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Video is top of mind at Xennial lately, with three separate clients currently working with us on producing video content for their online marketing channels. When you look at the stats, it’s no wonder this has become such a busy execution type for us of late.

Over 8 billion videos or 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day (TechCrunch, 2016) and as this 2017 HubSpot consumer survey shows, Video was rated as the #1 kind of content marketing customers want to see from brands and businesses.

So how are New Zealand companies using video to market their businesses today? In quite different ways as it turns out. Let’s take the three clients we’re currently working with, identify the strategies behind the videos, and look at the types of video being produced and why.

Client #1

Strategy: This client recently undertook a Brand Strategy process and got really clear on what they stood for, the values they represented and how they wish to be perceived in the marketplace. Video was recommended as an ideal execution for this client to help deepen the connection with customers and show that the brand represented much more than just the product they made.

Video Type: Storytelling.

This series of videos will be 2-3 minutes in length each; enough time for the on-screen talent (a selection of staff members) to speak to the history, origins and purpose of what the company does, while conveying the values of the business in a very soft sell and somewhat emotive manner.

Client #2

Strategy: For client #2, we identified that a major point of difference for their business was Great Service. All of their customers said this was true, yet the client wasn’t promoting this strongly. Video would allow the client to show potential customers that high levels of service is their specialty.

Video Type: Introduction & Case Studies.

To clearly demonstrate great service, we shot a series of case study videos showing very happy customers speaking about their experience, as well as a short, ‘down the barrel’ introduction video of the business owner welcoming potential customers who were wanting better service than what they were currently getting.

Client #3

Strategy: This client had very low brand awareness amongst its target audience and were concerned that not enough people knew what services they provided. Video would provide them with a vehicle to demonstrate their capabilities and expertise in an engaging and visually appealing way.

Video Type: Capabilities.

A series of videos have been produced that detail how this client goes about its operations, clearly demonstrating the services they provide, the needs they meet and how customers can engage with them effectively.

As with all things in marketing, video is not a one-size-fits-all deal. The type of video execution used will depend on the strategy being implemented, what’s right for the brand, and perhaps most importantly, what will resonate with the customer. When used well, video can become a powerful marketing asset that can keep working for your business for many months or even years.

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