“James is awesome! We had marketing ambition and internal talent but we lacked experience and strategy. James took the time to learn our company workings and resources and worked with us to create a marketing plan. It's like he works inside our company. He holds us to plan, mentors our internal talent, delegates some tasks and completes others, all the while opening our eyes to possibilities. He has brought real strength and clarity to Venerdi's marketing and continues to build our competency along the way.”

— Tim Grainger, Founder, Venerdi

"I've had the pleasure of working with James for well over a year now and couldn't recommend him more! An absolute go-getter that is consistently delivering with awesome ideas and strategies."

— Sam Kelly, Marketing Co-ordinator, Venerdi


"James has assisted Ascot Angiography over several years, providing varying levels of marketing support including branding and website development as well as our annual Cardiology Symposium. We have appreciated James's expertise, enthusiasm and flexibility in his approach. We regard James as a member of our team - he is a great resource for our business and we enjoy working with him."

— Sarah MacLean, Business Manager, Ascot Angiography

"We were referred to James by another of James's customers. He helped us rapidly develop a brand and create a suite of consistent, professional and effective marketing resources which have already had a real impact on our business. We would recommend James to any business seeking improvements in all aspects of branding, marketing and related strategy."

— Simon Fortescue, General Manager, Edis Tech

“James’s expertise comes through gently and easily, but he will still be ready to challenge if he doesn’t think the right decision is being made. He is knowledgeable and experienced in the business world. We have been through ups and downs in our industry and have felt in safe hands with James all the way. We now have confidence that we will continue to develop great marketing assets.”

— Robyn Lonsdale, General Manager, Temple Water Technologies

James Smith

Director & Marketing Consultant


P: 09 212 6856

M: 021 360 361


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