Businesses both big and small can equally feel like they haven’t got the right level of marketing resource required at times to carry out their plans. 


For smaller companies, they may have never had a dedicated marketing resource solely focused on this aspect of the business, or they have given it ‘part-time’ to someone in the company who juggles and struggles with it due to both the attention and skill it really needs.

Larger firms including corporates also can find themselves with ‘gaps’ in their marketing resource or expertise around a specific aspect. Or perhaps they have a special project in the works that will require additional senior marketing heads for a period of time.

In both instances, an outsourced marketing support option allows you to have senior professional marketing heads working on your business, without the large overhead of an additional staff headcount.

Xennial can provide marketing support for:

  • SME’s who need a dedicated marketing resource

  • Larger firms who require extra marketing support for their existing teams

  • Companies who have special projects to resource


The team at Xennial are always happy to have a no-obligation discussion around your current marketing support needs. We have a ‘what’s best for you’ approach, which means we will only suggest an outsourced marketing support option if we think it will benefit your business and match up with what you are wanting to achieve. 

James Smith

Founder & Consultant


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