Experts placed by experts.


If you’re looking for or are considering hiring an in-house marketing resource, talk to Xennial about our recruitment support. We started offering this due to the number of clients who would ask us to help them, telling us that we knew more about marketing than they did!

Our sound methodology first clearly defines the role, desired candidate skills and attributes before effectively targeting and attracting the right people. Then we interview them so they are fully qualified / vetted before introducing to the employer.

We predominantly use our own networks, SEEK, Linked In and Social Media platforms, and in our experience the key to success on these is really knowing what you’re looking for in the first place, which is where our marketing experience proves invaluable.

Xennial can provide recruitment support by:

  • Identifying what type of marketing headcount you need

  • Helping you define the role

  • Developing desired skills and attributes

  • Targeting and talent searching

  • Interviews/vetting

We have placed entry level, intermediate and executive roles for our clients and focus solely on marketing related positions. 


Our motto in this area is “Marketing experts, placed by experts”!