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Strategy & Planning:

It's in our blood.


Despite universal acceptance that it’s always better to develop a plan with some sound strategies behind it before heading into any marketing tactics, many managers lack either the time or specific marketing knowledge (or both!) to do this crucial work.

The upshot is that businesses can waste effort, time and money on marketing tactics that were never going to achieve what was needed because they weren’t aligned with the right strategy.

With decades of marketing strategy and planning experience, Xennial can work with you to do any foundation planning and ensure that tactical work has the highest chance of achieving what we have defined success to look like.

Xennial can provide strategy and planning for:

  • Marketing plans

  • Brand positioning

  • Social media strategy

  • Advertising campaign strategy

  • Any marketing-related projects

Talk with our senior marketing heads about how they can chart an optimised course for your business or a key aspect of it based on what's going to work specifically for you.